Is Work in Daycare and Early Childhood Education the Right Career Path for You? 

Some people have careers that jump out at them from an early age. They know what they want to do and pursue it throughout their time at school. Others, however, are unsure of what they want to do job wise, which is where articles like this one come in.

If you feel a little lost on your career path, there’s the option of daycare or early childhood education. If you love kids and would love helping kids grow into reliable, responsible adults, then a career in daycare and early childhood education would be a fulfilling and rewarding job.

Here are ways you can pursue a career working with kids if that’s what you choose to do.

Pursue the Appropriate Degree to Build a Foundation

birth through kindergarten degree

There are varying college degrees for different avenues of childcare. Daycare and preschool teachers, for instance, would benefit from a birth through kindergarten degree. Whereas teachers or teaching assistants in grades higher than kindergarten would require different degrees with a focus on specific elementary or middle school educations.

Get Experience with Work as a Teacher’s Aide

While you are working on your degree, you could get a job as a teacher’s aide. You would help wrangle the kids for lunchtime, as well as help with any assignments or art projects. It gives you experience without putting you in total charge of a classroom.

Volunteer Your Time to Libraries or Daycares for Story Times

Trust from your community is a huge part of being a reliable teacher or worker with children. Libraries and daycares are always looking for volunteers for things like story time, so get involved. This will give you a way to become acquainted with the families in your community.

Daycare and early childhood education work can be a satisfying career because you can help kids learn and grow. Just remember, patience is paramount in this kind of career. Kids can be a handful, so it’s important that you know what kind of work you’re getting yourself into.